Custom Gaming PC’s

Custom Gaming Pc's

Custom Gaming PC’s

Why not treat yourself and take a look at our Custom Gaming PC’s?

A custom gaming PC is a traditional desktop PC with a gaming processor that gives you extra graphics power, enabling you to play demanding games.

PC gaming is soaring in popularity and the rise of online gaming platforms makes the latest games more accessible and offers a platform to share tips and chat with friends and like minded people.

PC gaming also leads the way in free-to-play games.

Latest developments with Windows 10 mean there’s now the opportunity to play with friends who are online. Windows 10 is ready and installed on this PC. Windows is committed to narrowing the gap between console and PC gamers. Games that you but digitally can be played on both PC and Xbox with the Windows’ Play Anywhere feature. You can play against friends online who are using Xbox while you’re playing on your Windows 10 PC.

As long as you have enough space in the tower you can also upgrade the different components in your PC throughout the year to keep you constantly at the cutting-edge of your gaming platform. We can always add more memory or a new graphics card further down the line for you too.

If you want precision gaming you can’t beat the mouse and keyboard and depending on the game (and the keyboard you’re playing on), you can set up your favourite hotkeys on your keyboard for game play. Real-time strategy games benefit the most from a mouse/keyboard setup.  We have gaming mice available instore ready to use with your PC.

Our PC’s are available to view in store. Why not pop in and take a look or contact us for more information. Contact Us

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