Phone Back Glass Repair

phone back glass repair

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The introduction of a glass rear covers on the phones was initially designed to allow wireless charging on the device.  However, it also brought a new aesthetic appeal along with it. Whilst this is all well and good; glass is glass and, as you’ve probably found out if you’re reading this, glass breaks easily.

The difficulty with a back cover repair is that the glass is adhered to the aluminium midframe using very strong adhesive. This adhesive is specifically designed not to be removed. This presents a massive problem when trying to repair the back glass and unfortunately,  we have seen many examples of damage that has been done by people trying to do it themselves or by others not doing it correctly.

At Digi-Me-Bobs, we have invested heavily in state of the art laser cutting technology. The machine we have works by carefully turning the adhesive into dust.  Its like magic! It avoids any of the fragile and sensitive internal components that could become damaged during the process.

If you have smashed your back glass then we can repair it for you.  We can also just change the colour of the back glass for you if you just fancy something different or a bit of an upgrade?

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