RFID Blocking Cards. Card protection for wallets and purses

RFID Blocking Cards

RFID Blocking Cards

We are excited to announce that we have just received delivery of our RFID Blocking cards.

These handy credit card sized ‘card guards‘ easily pop into your phone case, wallet or purse.  Offering you RFID Protection, they also include our contact details in case you ever need us for a service or repair.

RFID Blocking Cards create a protective shield around your cards.  This prevents unauthorized scanners from recording and stealing information stored within the chips.

They will block any signals to RFID-enabled cards so that no one can access the information without your permission. Remember, it’s not just your money they can steal, but also your personal details, including full names and addresses.

Even if you think you are low risk, if you have cards, passports, or ID you’d prefer to keep under wraps, then investing in some protection could be worth that extra peace of mind to know you’re covered.

While RFID blocking card protectors are most important when you know you’re going to be in a crowded location, for example, traveling by train or in a crowded airport, their slim design makes it easy to incorporate them as an everyday carry item.

You never know when someone might try to steal your information. Identity theft should always be reported to authorities if it does occur.

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