Our Opening Hours have changed…

opening hours

Our Opening Hours have changed We’re always listening to what our customers want. We take pride in running our family business as reliable and trustworthy.  We understand that it can be difficult to get your tech to us sometimes. Based on this we have updated our opening hours around our customers needs. We have tried […]

Computer and Laptop Service and Repairs

Computer and laptop Repairs

Computer and Laptop Service Is your PC or laptop running slow?  Are you tired of waiting for your applications to install? Are you fed up of seeing pop ups? Here at Digi-Me-Bobs we offer a computer and laptop service and this January we’ve slashed our prices too. Our service costs have been cut from £72 […]

Merry Christmas from Digi-Me-Bobs

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Digi-Me-Bobs christmas opening We’d like to wish all our customers a very ‘Merry Christmas from Digi-Me-Bobs‘. WE WILL BE COSED FROM CHRISTMAS EVE, FRIDAY 24TH DECEMBER UNTIL MONDAY 3RD JANUARY WHEN WE WILL BE OPEN AGAIN AS NORMAL. Thank you for all your continued support in 2021.   We’ll see you in […]

Digi-Me-Bobs Shop Signage ‘They’re Up’!!

Digi-Me-Bobs Signs

Digi-Me-Bobs Shop Signage! Digi-Me-Bobs Shop Signage (They’re Up!) You may have noticed something different when you’ve been driving or walking along Warrington Road in Culcheth?  If not, then you’ve missed our signs being installed last week! Thanks to the team at iBrand signs in Warrington; www.ibrandsigns.co.uk we had our awesome signs installed.  We’re so pleased […]

Buy and Sell your tech with Digi-Me-Bobs

buy and sell

Buy and Sell with Digi-Me-Bobs Why should you Buy and Sell with Digi-Me-Bobs?  Are you aware that we buy and sell?  Take the stress and worry out of buying and selling mobile phones, laptops, Pc’s and Tablets.  We are trustworthy and honest.  Our prices are checked competitively and all of our devices go through strict […]

Confused about Chromebooks? Keep Reading…

Confused about Chromebook

Confused about Chromebooks? Technology is evolving faster than ever.  If you don’t keep up with some of the major tech trends you run the risk of being left behind. Chromebooks have been around for about 10 years but their popularity is increasing due to their speed, portability and efficiency. Lets see if we can help […]

Special Offer. Up to 20% Off selected laptops

Special Offer

Special Offer Are you heading back to school/college or university soon? We have a special offer available now on all our laptops. We want to help you. There’s so much to get ready for, organise and buy when you’re heading back into education after the summer break. If you’re in need of a new laptop […]

Custom Gaming PC’s

Custom Gaming Pc's

Custom Gaming PC’s Why not treat yourself and take a look at our Custom Gaming PC’s? A custom gaming PC is a traditional desktop PC with a gaming processor that gives you extra graphics power, enabling you to play demanding games. PC gaming is soaring in popularity and the rise of online gaming platforms makes […]

Working Rain or Shine on your Repairs

working rain or sine

Working Rain or Shine… Well it certainly has been a wet couple of days.  Here at Digi-Me-Bobs we hope that no one has been affected too badly from the storms. The view from the shop door was quite something.  But come rain or shine we’re still here working hard on all your mobile phone repairs […]

Phone Back Glass Repair

phone back glass repair

Digi-Me-Bobs are Warrington’s first choice for Phone Back Glass Repair   Check out our new Phone back glass repair blog. The introduction of a glass rear covers on the phones was initially designed to allow wireless charging on the device.  However, it also brought a new aesthetic appeal along with it. Whilst this is all […]